“The Hottest Show in Town!”

  Absolutely Hilarious! 

Ana Belaval - “A Whole Cast of Crazy!”    - WGN-TV

“We sang, we danced, we ate ( a lot), we talked back and we laughed - oh how we laughed!

- “If you’re a fun loving couple with a really good sense of humor, you’d have to check out Johnny Boy’s Graduation.”

“What can I say about “Johnny Boy's Graduation” other than it's INCREDIBLE! This show had to have been the BEST TIME I’ve ever


- “Johnny Boy's Graduation is one of the funniest and creative dinner shows going on in Chicago. If you don't like to laugh, this show isn't for you.”

- “A three-hour affair of fun, crazy encounters, dancing, eating and watching the antics of dysfunctional, hilarious characters.”

Media below did fun features on our local actors!

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Rick’s first radio interview with Director/Writer, Mark Nassar. Rick is a real pro. Smooth as silk.

Rick received such a great response from his listeners who attended Johnny Boys, he had us back. (2nd interview on top)This first interview describes the show perfectly. And damn, it sold a ton of tickets. Thanks Rick.

Johnny Boy’s Graduation   
                                                                                               “ It’s a Blast! ”  
Rick Kogan  - “I have yet to encounter a person who hasn't raved about it.”
Photog  Charles Osgood  -  “The acting is so realistic.”   
                                                                                                                                                  click for full - Chicago Tribune Featurehttp://www.chicagotribune.com/entertainment/ct-ae-0624-kogan-sidewalks-20120622,0,4121861.columnhttp://www.chicagotribune.com/entertainment/ct-ae-0624-kogan-sidewalks-20120622,0,4121861.columnshapeimage_3_link_0